Thursday, 19 November 2015

Is There Anybody Out There?

Well hello...

Thank you for dropping by. I am new to this blogging lark, having tried and failed to find many likeminded folks I thought that a blog might be a way forward.

So, if I may introduce myself? I'm Brenda, I'm (ahem) early 40s. I have two young children and divorced a year ago.

I have joint hypermobility syndrome and fibromyalgia and to add insult to injury I have chronic pain and anxiety.

I do try and have a decent quality of life, I work three days a week and try and get out and about. I
have some lovely friends. But....I'm so fucking tired. All. The. Time.

I know that Mums get tired anyway, I hear it all the time from my partnered up, fully mobile friends and sometimes I wonder if I'm just making too big a deal of my exhaustion. I feel shagged out and wish I could be a better, more motivated, fitter mum for my kids.

They do keep me going tho, they make me laugh, drive me to the point of distraction and make me love so hard.

Child 2: Mummy?
What's the opposite of balcony?
I don't know, give me a clue
Okay then....

Child 1: Mummy?
What's the opposite of car?
Please just give me a clue
You step off the pavement onto it
Yes, your turn

You get my drift...

Since they both started school I have more time to myself and I have the bonus of a 'hands on' dad for an ex husband, so plenty of time to myself now.
The first few years of parenthood were pretty hellish, disability kicked in, in pregnancy number one then severe post natal depression in preggers number two.

I don't think I have got over either the PND or the disability and this is what has brought me here today.
The purpose of this blog is not just to moan about my lot in life. Believe me, I do see how shitty life has been to others and I know that I have it pretty good in comparison, I just want to share some shiz with y'all. I want to commune with peeps who get what I'm saying, make some contacts, feel like it's not all in vain (obviously not in vain as I am raising two absolute diamonds) and maybe, just maybe, I  can offer some support, solace, sisterhood, comradeship, whatever you like to call it.

I'll talk about any of it, the fear of being out of control of both your body and your mind, navigating dating and sex as a single mum and as a person with mobility issues, being a working mum, just give me a shout and we can work our way through the maze together.

Mwah, ciao, nice to meet you x

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